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Bridge of Hope CITH
Address: Block 1, flat 2, Central Police Barracks, Opposite Aggrey Road.
Coverage Area: Aggrey Road, Town, Old GRA
Leader's Phone No.: 08037909690

Daystar CITH
Address: 10, Chinemerem Street, Location 15, Umuebule2, Etche LGA.
Coverage Area: Oyigbo
Leader's Phone No.: 08036868925

Delight Ville CITH
Address: 18, Farm Road, Beside Ben Worseley Furniture, Off Ada George, Port Harcourt.
Coverage Area: Ada George
Leader's Phone No.: 08062135617

Divine Favour CITH
Address: 3 Church close beside Redeemed Christian Church, Between UBA & GTB, YKC Woji.
Coverage Area: Woji, Elelewon and Akpajo
Leader's Phone No.: 08066263225

Faith Arena CITH
Address: 9, Main Street, Farm Road 2 Estate, Eliozu, Port Harcourt.
Coverage Area: Eliozu, Rumuokoro, Rumuodumaya, Rupokwu, Rukpakwulusi.
Leader's Phone No.: 07030747171

Fount of Love CITH
Address: 5, Chief Kingdom Ogunka Street, Off Farm Road, Rumuewhara, New Layout, Port Harcourt.
Coverage Area: Rumhuewara, Eneka
Leader's Phone No.: 08063260965

Fruitful Vine CITH
Address: Fruitful Vine 5b Wonodi Street, Off Olu-Obasanjo Road.
Coverage Area: GRA Phase 3, Olu Obasanjo, Waterlines
Leader's Phone No.: 08027755026

Glory Reign CITH
Address: 9 Onowu Street, Opposite Maggie Memorial Hospital, NDDC Road, Iwofe.
Coverage Area: Iwofe, NTA Road, Agip, Wimpey
Leader's Phone No.: 08063513001

Green Pastures CITH
Address: A&G Montessori School, Presidential Estate off Presidential Bus Stop, Aba road.
Coverage Area: Aba road, MummyB Road Elekahia, Stadium road Rumukalaghor, Rumuola Rumuomasi, Rumuobiakani
Leader's Phone No.: 08057364026

Greenfield CITH
Address: Jonah Onukem Street, Off Okporo Road Rumuodara.
Coverage Area: Rumudara, Eliohani, Rumuwhara
Leader's Phone No.: 08063339916

Greenspring CITH
Address: 7 Gboms Avenue, off Sani Abacha Road GRA 3.
Coverage Area: GRA Phase 3, 2, Waterlines, Agip
Leader's Phone No.: 08033975935

Heritage CITH
Address: Life Live Estate Owhor Close, Oroazi.
Coverage Area: Orazi, Rumuokwuta, Rumuola, Rumueme, Rumuigbo and Rumepirikom
Leader's Phone No.: 08038688497

Hill City CITH
Address: 8B Begonia Close, Trinity Gardens Estate, Igbo-Etche Road.
Coverage Area: Rumukwurushi, Eleme Junction, Igbo Etche Road
Leader's Phone No.: 08080543294

Jireh CITH
Address: 1 Chief Jack Close, Doxa Road, off Peter Odili Road.
Coverage Area: Peter Odili Road, Abuloma
Leader's Phone No.: 08068853913

Lighthouse CITH
Address: 5, Peace Estate, RD Road, Off Okporo Road, Artillery, Port Harcourt.
Coverage Area: Okporo Road, 1st&2nd Artillery, Shell RA, Tank, Rumukwurushi
Leader's Phone No.: 08063671296

New Wine CITH
Address: 2, Oriebe Street, Rumuokani New Layout, Opposite Dominion City Church, NTA Road, Mgbouba, Port Harcourt.
Coverage Area: Mgbuoba, NTA Road
Leader's Phone No.: 08034422517

Oasis CITH
Address: 4, Agudama Street, D/line, PH.
Coverage Area: D Line, Ikoku, Fruits Garden
Leader's Phone No.: 08106376250

Potters Treasure CITH
Address: House on the Rock, Port Harcourt
Coverage Area: For Choir Members
Leader's Phone No.: 08038866222

Redeeming Love CITH
Address: Flat 15 Michelin Estate, woji Railway.
Coverage Area: Woji, Rumuibekwe/Rumurolu, Woji Railway, Elijiji, Mangroove, Woji Junction
Leader's Phone No.: 09010121463

Springfield CITH
Address: Road 3, No. 8A Agip Estate.
Coverage Area: Agip Estate, Mgbuishimini, Chinda, Nsirim Rd, Ada George (Agip to pepperoni junction), Miles 1,2,3&4 axis of Ikwerre Rd.
Leader's Phone No.: 08035529025

Treasure CITH
Address: Plot 52 Sir Collins Owhonda Close, Eagle Island.
Coverage Area: Eagle Island, Mile 1, Mile 3, Diobu
Leader's Phone No.: 08069104370

Wellspring CITH
Address: No 8 Ohiamini Crescent by Rumuola new road off Psychiatric Road.
Coverage Area: Psychiatric Road, Rumuomoi, Rumuorosi, New Rumuola Road and Rumuigbo Junction.
Leader's Phone No.: 08038416479

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